Social media as part of B2B communications

Social media is one of the building blocks of integrated corporate communications. With our experience as a B2B agency for technology companies as well as deep familiarity with your target groups, topics, and markets, we help you set up the right social media strategy. We select the platforms that are right for your company and handle daily social media operations, community management, and refining your strategy. Of course we also create a steady stream of content — precisely tailored for the individual platform and coordinated with your specified messaging and overarching communications and business objectives.

So your company and brand will always make the right impression across every channel.

What's special about social media communications for B2B?

Social media is a very broad and rapidly changing space with lots of different platforms, apps, and tools. That's why it's essentially important for companies to first and continuously define where they should communicate and what the appropriate tools are: Which platform should be used to reach my target groups with which messages? Where will technical knowledge make a good impression? How can I influence demand and engagement? Where can I be the most effective for my brand?

Whether you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, tick-tock, Instagram, or your corporate blog or podcast — B2B social media is all about two-way conversations and openness. Companies can communicate directly with their target groups here without gatekeepers getting in the way. That's important because companies need to do more than just produce content on a regular basis, they also need to be willing to participate in conversations.

Businesses that master these channels do more than simply present their brands and products. They also have a knack for getting their target groups to engage with their brands. That’s why social media plays such a crucial role in the journey from prospect to paying and loyal customer. Straightforward messages delivered in an authentic way have the power to tip the scales towards a conversion.

B2B social media is constantly changing. Platforms that today are completely irrelevant for corporate communications can find themselves in the spotlight tomorrow. Take for instance, a now-defunct social media platform with 3.5 million users at its height. After the dotcom bubble burst, its social media patents were acquired and became the foundation of LinkedIn. That’s why companies need to continuously audit their social media strategies, analyze platforms and user behavior, and ensure they’re making the best use of their budgets.

And B2B social media is more than just external platforms. Corporate blogs and company podcasts also belong to this category.

Why is social media part of the B2B communications mix?

Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram play an important role in the decision-making process of B2B customers. In addition to media relations and content marketing, companies should therefore also serve this space with professional communications so to reach the right people with the right messages. And don’t forget that social media is an important component of employer branding, employer engagement, and recruiting. It’s a place for all kinds of topics and a great way to give an authentic impression of your company to new talent.

Dr. Haffa & Partner helps you take full advantage of everything social media has to offer for B2B.

  • Authentic, direct, and straightforward communication — make full use of the freedom and opportunities that the various social media platforms have to offer.
  • Tell prospective customers about your products and services. Provide information on new products and events and send visitors to your website.
  • Keep your community of customers, partners, and other stakeholders up to date with the latest news about your company.
  • Build your employer brand and show why job seekers should choose your organization.
  • Use integrated communications so your core messages are consistent across channels from the business and technical journals to LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Improve your visibility and strengthen your business by engaging in public discourse while demonstrating your opinion leadership.

What Dr. Haffa and partner can do for you

We support you across all your B2B social media processes. That includes every aspect of social media including strategy development, creating an editorial calendar, generating content, and community management. We take our understanding of technology, knowledge of your markets, and familiarity with B2B decision making and apply it to social media.

If you place some or all of your social media activities in our hands, your marketing team will get more breathing room and you can rest assured that your social media activities will run like clockwork. Scalable, dependable, and extremely professional.

An overview of our B2B social media services

  • Strategy consulting: Development and implementation of a B2B social media strategy including integration into the overall communications and marketing strategy
  • Analysis and recommendations: Identification of appropriate social media channels, ongoing assessment and adjustments
  • Process design: Development and implementation of social media processes, defining responsibilities, communications workflows and metrics
  • Social media management: Using tools for planning, automation, and monitoring results
  • LinkedIn: Social media, strategy, campaigns, and content for business
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok: Strategy, community management, content, and more for all the major social media networks
  • Corporate blogs: Development and implementation of corporate blogs, ongoing blog management, editorial planning and content writing
  • Podcasting: Development and execution of B2B podcasts; engineering and creative development
  • Social media content: Writing, video, audio — we make sure your social media channels have the right mix.

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