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As a B2B communications agency, we give your company, brand, and products the spotlight they deserve. Our deep network of contacts stretches across all the major professional, industry, and business media. That’s how we’re able to generate valuable multiplier effects among your target group. Whether it’s generating leads, customer loyalty, investor relations, or recruiting, this visibility gives you a significant advantage.

What is PR & media relations?

Public relations (PR) has the objective of “establishing, intensifying, or expanding contact between the client and a specified target group” according to the brief definition of the German Public Relations Association (DPRG). In other words, PR is fostering relationships. PR is persuasion. PR is much more than establishing a connection between companies and organizations on the one side and their stakeholders on the other. Beyond this, PR must also offer compelling arguments and exciting stories. It's directed for instance towards customers, employees, neighbors, investors, politicians, initiatives, NGOs, voters, multipliers, social media influencers, and of course journalists. One of the basic tenants of PR activities (online and off) is to create a positive perception and image for the company or organization.

Media relations is one of the most essential and effective aspects of PR. The focus here is on establishing and nurturing relationships and staying in touch with all the media organizations that are important for the company. This includes for instance professional journals and newspapers, news channels, radio stations, television, and online publications. Good, professional press and media relations supplies editors interesting information for their readerships.

The benefits of strategic B2B PR & media relations

When you work with Dr. Haffa and Partner, you profit from professional B2B PR and media relations.

  • Support your company’s objectives with a perfectly tailored communication strategy.
  • Communicate your values, your purpose, and everything that makes your company unique and important — for you, your employees, your customers, and the public.
  • Present your portfolio of products and solutions to support your sales. Publish all your latest developments and inform the media and your target groups.
  • Enhance the awareness and reputation of your company with ongoing, consistent, and actively managed communications work. Set yourself apart from the competition with visibility and positive messages.
  • Make prospective customers, decision-makers, and important influencers aware of your company, show your capabilities, the range and quality of your products and services, and generate interest and good will.
  • Boost your sales and profitability by building your brand and targeting decision makers with the right messaging.
  • Establish your credibility. Editorial content reports in a neutral tone, makes your intentions clear, and explains them — which makes it more compelling than an advertisement or other marketing activities.
  • Enhance your company’s public image. Tell your side of the story, encourage open dialog, and be recognized as leading experts in your field.
  • Build the foundation for successful crisis communications. When you have good relationships with journalists, your message will be heard, and you will be able to react quickly if something does not go as planned.

What Dr. Haffa and partner can do for you

As a B2B PR agency in Munich specialized in IT and tech, we know your markets, competitors, and industry dynamics in addition to the most important media outlets for you to be present in. In our role as consultants and sparring partners, we offer an outside perspective and can audit the communication of your company for consistency, credibility, and effectiveness. Our B2B communications agency has many years of experience in identifying exactly which tools fit best for your communication goals and the resources you have available.

For everything from press releases, technical articles, interviews, LinkedIn posts, blog articles, and tweets to white papers — we know all the intricacies of the individual platforms and genres, topics, tonalities, text lengths, and more. We ensure that all these content pieces fit together like a puzzle within your overall marketing and communications objectives. We ensure that they support your corporate goals while also matching the expectations of your target groups, including the corresponding journalists.

We use a number of different tools to help you reach your goals with public and media relations

  • Press releases
  • Presentations
  • Testimonials
  • Press conferences and interviews
  • Editorial office visits/on-background interviews
  • Press events (such as press conferences, press receptions, press trips
  • Round tables
  • Seminars
  • Media kits
  • Press images, videos, quotes

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