Strategy consulting

People are bombarded with massive amounts of information ever day. If you want to be read and heard, you need to communicate with clarity and impact. We develop a sound communications strategy that will enable you to reach your target groups and further your business objectives.

What is strategic communications?

To communicate strategically is to know what to tell, when to tell it, and why. This involves determining where you currently stand as well as your goals and how to achieve them. Strategic communications means bringing together different perspectives and communication channels while structuring communications processes in such a way that they establish a single, cohesive image of the company with respect to content, style, and timing. Regardless of where the information is later obtained.

Developing a communications strategy in three phases

We use the proven three-phase approach to develop an effective and efficient strategy.

Phase 1: Analysis

The first phase on the path to a communications strategy is to analyze the status quo. We determine your current position in the market using journalistic interviews and conversations with key market participants. Then we work with you to identify the challenges within your organization and determine the internal and external stakeholders.

If you’ve already conducted the internal analysis, our experts are here to advise you. An external perspective frequently adds important insights that take you a step closer to your goals.

Phase 1: Strategy

In the second phase, we map out your communications and content strategy. We work together to establish your communications goals, the ideal positioning for your company, and the messaging that will enable us to reach these goals. In addition, we’ll also select the appropriate channels and platforms to communicate your messages as part of an integrated communications approach.

Phase 3: Planning and implementation

The third phase is all about creating a plan for implementing the strategy. It provides a structure for coordinating and keeping track of campaigns, activities, promotions, and publication dates. The plan also enables you to monitor results, but it is by no means written in stone. This implementation plan is the basis for aligning activities and campaigns around specific objectives. But when circumstances change (emerging trends, changing budgets, news reports), the plan can adapt without losing sight of your goals.

What are the advantages of strategic communications planning?

PR and communications activities that are planned strategically help you achieve business objectives and enhance your company’s image. Working out a solid strategy is no academic exercise. It solves real problems, gets you more for your budget, and leads to measurable success. Good communication puts a company on the radar of key decision-makers, which means it’s always also helping your sales team. Because marketing and PR are key partners of sales and consulting and do their part when it comes to increasing sales.

Why Dr. Haffa & Partner?

With our agency, you get so much more than just a bundle of standard services. Instead, we work with you to develop a custom-tailored communications strategy. We provide an external perspective with consulting that nevertheless takes into account the unique circumstances of your organization. We make sure you can rest easy knowing we’re keeping an eye on emerging developments.

Thanks to our many years of experience in PR and marketing for B2B customers across a wide variety of industries, understanding complex markets and knowing how businesses think is in our DNA.

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