Survey — managers trust the cloud

Dr. Haffa & Partner Expert Call: 44 percent of respondents judge cloud more secure than own IT environment

Munich, March 6, 2017 — Trust in the cloud as a location to store data is growing. That is the result of the latest Dr. Haffa & Partner Expert Call. Munich communications agency Dr. Haffa & Partner asked 75 German executives and opinion leaders what they think is the more secure option for storing and archiving their enterprise data: a do-it-yourself solution, or cloud hosting?

The results were nearly a draw, with 52 percent in favor of using an on-site data center and 44 percent placing more trust in professional cloud hosting services — under the condition that the data are hosted in Germany in the best case, or, failing that, at least the European Union.

A survey participant explained: “All the data should be encrypted, and the keys need to be stored in a different location. In-house servers are theoretically the most secure option, but cloud vendors are now offering an even higher level of security. With the exception of very large corporations, businesses lack the resources to do that.” A second respondent agrees: “Trustworthy vendors have IT security infrastructures that smaller companies simply can’t afford.” Another, however, sees things differently: “There is no alternative to encryption and on-premise storage.” A fourth raised the following concern: “They’ve already got all our voice data in the cloud. And even for internet transactions or our power supply, we are dependent on using trustworthy third parties.”

“There are new reports of security breaches and data being stolen practically every day. Be that as it may, you’ve got to store your data somewhere. Until now, Germans have been very conservative when it comes to the cloud. This appears to have fundamentally changed. Particularly since there are now data centers available in the European Union, which means EU data protection laws apply. That has given people’s trust in the cloud an enormous boost. Especially for smaller and mid-size companies, the cloud is a better choice than maintaining and protecting on-premise infrastructure,” said Sebastian Pauls, Managing Partner at Dr. Haffa & Partner.

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