Dr. Haffa & Partner assumes communication activities for project management specialist collaboration Factory AG

Software maker hires PR support for its marketing, customer references, and owned media

Munich, March 1, 2016 — Communications agency Dr. Haffa & Partner has acquired a new customer. collaboration Factory is a provider of project management software used mainly in the automotive industry. Dr. Haffa and Partner has developed a compelling communication strategy to support the company’s market launch with PR activities covering a broad range of trade and business media outlets. The communications agency has also been entrusted with developing a customer reference program as well as providing consultation for and implementing collaboration Factory’s corporate publishing and digitization initiatives.

collaboration Factory was founded by Dr. Rupert Stuffer, one of the most influential project management experts in Germany. With the development of his collaborative project management methodology, he revolutionized the field and the way people work together in the automobile industry.

With Stuffer’s software platform cPlace, which is built on the collaborative project management methodology, collaboration factory is appealing primarily to manufacturers and vendors in the German automotive industry. Stuffer served as CEO through 2013 at the project management software provider Actano, which he founded. He was able to establish Actano’s flagship product, RPlan, as the industry standard.

“I’ve known Dr. Haffa and partner for many years now — and I’ve always held them to be consummate professionals,” said Dr. Rupert Stuffer, chairman of the board of collaboration Factory. “The agency has such good connections with all the media that are important to us that it can generate exposure and get people engaging with us even as a new player in this space. Not to mention how their consultants understand our business and our technology, which allows them to translate that knowledge into the language and thought processes of decision-makers.”

“We’re always pleased to see a former business associate recall the productive relationship with Dr. Haffa & Partner and come back to us in their new role,” said Sebastian Pauls, managing partner at Dr. Haffa & Partner. “Working with collaboration factory is very exciting because a lot is happening with project management in the automotive industry right now. It’s a situation that calls for traditional PR work — in addition to communicating through owned media.”

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About collaboration Factory AG

collaboration Factory AG is a German provider of project and collaboration management software. The core product is the powerful and lean software platform cPlace. With cPlace, businesses can stay in control of highly complex and constantly changing projects as they manage the collaboration and co-ordination of distributed teams. cPlace is based on the methodology developed by collaboration Factory founder Dr. Rupert Stuffer for collaborative project management, which in recent years has established itself as the standard in the automotive industry. An alternative to conventional enterprise solutions that have become unwieldy with featuritis and bloat, cPlace has been designed as a lean platform. By choosing the desired combination of apps, users can put together a customized working environment with just a few clicks of the mouse. That makes cPlace the ideal solution to accompany the pending modernization of project management landscapes in the automotive industry.

collaboration Factory customers include well-known industry names such as Continental AG.

About Dr. Haffa & Partner

The Munich-based communications agency Dr. Haffa & Partner specializes in public relations and marketing for technology and IT companies. Founded in 1986, the full-service PR firm’s current portfolio of services ranges from sound strategic communications consulting and individually tailored public relations to traditional media services, marketing services, social media and website consulting, and sales support for domestic and international enterprises. Dr. Haffa & Partner is a partner of the agency networks ComVort (http://www.comvort.com), GlobalFluency (http://www.globalfluency.com), and EuroLynx (http://www.eurolynx.eu) as well as a member of the Allianz inhabergeführter Kommunikationsagenturen AIKA (http://www.aika.de). Dr. Haffa & Partner’s clients include ABB, Amplecta Europe, AKI, bintec elmeg, collaboration Factory, Copernicus/EZMW, the European Commission, Holsten Systems/spscontrol, microfin, mindlab, Psipenta Software Systems, Rumsauer, SAS, Scandio, SOFiSTiK, SoftconCIS and TÜV SÜD.