The website check - how professional is your website?

Let Dr. Haffa & Partner give your website a check-up.

  • Is your website user friendly?
  • Does your website provide both quick information for readers who are in a hurry as well as detailed information for visitors who are interested in learning more?
  • How easy is it for search engines to find your website?
  • What exactly can you do to increase your hits on Google and other search engines? 

Dr. Haffa & Partner analyzes the content and search engine performance of your existing website. You'll receive specific instructions on how you can improve both the content and technical aspects of your site.

The initial assessment

  • Messages: which messages are you using to address which target groups?
  • Information content: what is the breadth and depth of the information on your website?
  • Usability: how quickly can information be found on your website? How user-friendly is your navigation structure?
  • Search engine optimization: what ranking does your website have for which keywords in major search engines such as Google? 

Specific instructions to improve your website

  • Getting the information at a glance: how can you prepare the information on your website for readers who are in a hurry?
  • Provide detailed information: how can you make information available to website visitors seeking more in-depth knowledge?
  • Craft targeted messages: what's the best way to communicate who you are and what you have to offer for maximum impact with your target groups?
  • Better usability: what can you specifically do to make your website more usable?
  • Optimize content and technology for Google: how can you optimize your entire site for search engines? Which texts and which technology get results from Google and other search engines?

The cost of a website check by Dr. Haffa & Partner depends on how big your site is. We would be delighted to provide you a quote for your specific needs.