Public relations - we increase awareness of your company

Dr. Haffa & Partner develops separate PR strategies for each of your target groups and uses the right PR tools to implement them. We address all the markets and industries in which you need to be visible and recognized. We conduct research to determine which media or events can be utilized to best reach your target groups and strengthen customer loyalty.

  • Customized communication mix: We focus our experience and skills on precisely those areas where it will benefit you the fastest and the most.
  • Connecting with your target groups: We make you a familiar name among your target groups and business decision makers. We cover all the markets and industries you need to make yourself known in.
  • Stealing the show: We obtain speaking engagements for your managers at conferences and provide any related media training or ghostwriting that is necessary. We can also design effective PR events.

Dr. Haffa & Partner - public relations and more

Making you more visible through media relations

  • exposure in every media channel - in print, online, on the radio, and on television
  • media training
  • quantitative and qualitative media reception analysis

Show your colors by hosting events

  • PR and marketing events
  • trade shows and conferences
  • information events for analysts, investor relations
  • speaking opportunities

Be persuasive with well-written texts

  • industry publications, book writing
  • increase customer and employee loyalty with first-rate publications
  • customer magazines
  • employee magazines
  • financial reports

Address decisions makers directly using modern online communications

  • blogs
  • electronic newsletters
  • viral PR
  • viral marketing
  • lead generation
  • e-mail marketing
  • website consulting

Stay ahead of your competitors with a professional webpage

  • Web content: design, editorial work, and maintenance
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) with keyword analysis

Improving your image through community involvement and social responsibility

  • sponsoring
  • corporate social responsibility

Handling crises with composure

  • crisis PR