Online communications - we use the Web to bring you success

Dr. Haffa & Partner is always on top of what's happening online. We have to be. Because our clients are at the forefront of the latest Web and information technologies. We actively follow new developments and trends in online communication and understand how to best leverage the potential of the internet for our customers. That means everything from electronic newsletters, blogs, and viral PR to e-mail marketing. Here are the main services we provide:

Social media: Twitter & Co.

Social media platforms are an excellent way for businesses to find out what their target groups think. They allow companies to communicate with customers directly, promote themselves, and distribute content. Are you interested in finding out more about social media and the best tools to use? Just get in touch, we'll be happy to advise you.


In the new world of web journalism, you can show everyone that you have something to say in your field on your own blog. Whether in the form of a company blog or just tech talk - we identify the key topic with you, generate content, and keep a close eye on the blogosphere for you.

Electronic newsletters

Send information to your target group on a regular basis One of the most affordable marketing tools, e-newsletters can't be beat for measurability. We develop a concept precisely suited to your target groups and take care of all the editorial work.

Viral PR

Don't worry, "Viral" PR won't make you ill. On the contrary: we support you in disseminating perfectly healthy information about your company through the World Wide Web. This is backed up with one-time online marketing activities that emphasize specific topics or events.

Viral marketing

Spread your message and leverage word-of-mouth. It's fine for viral marketing campaigns to be slightly more aggressive. We advise you on marketing activities and tools and assist you in carrying out these kinds of campaigns.

Lead generation

Use your valuable content and give your prospects the information they are looking for online - in the process, you will generate valuable leads for your sales team, boosting revenues. No matter if it's a short-term or ongoing campaign - we put together a customized package for you and handle all the campaign coordination.

E-mail marketing

E-mail is an effective marketing tool for everything from launching a new product to sending out invitations to a seminar or webinar. E-mail allows you to reach prospects quickly. But you need to know the law as well as a few tricks to make your e-mail marketing effective. We're here to advise you.