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Eaton Power Quality: Find topics – create causes for communication

The Task:
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an integral part of IT-security concepts. However, this industry is distinguished by long product lifecycles and a low level of technical innovation. Accordingly, there are few reasons for mere Product-PR. Therefore the PR-work for Eaton Power Quality, second biggest UPS-Producer and client of Dr. Haffa & Partner since ten years demands to find and edit new topics and aspects around UPS and place them in the media. With a straightforward allocation of instruments there is a selected media target group (networks, security, electronics and trade) addressed in this process.

The Implementation: In cooperation with Eaton, Dr. Haffa & Partner closely observes the market and technical innovations and develops agenda-setting measures. In early summer 2003, for example, a mostly unknown norm called IEC 62040-3 was picked up. That led to coherent UPS-classification and abandoned obscure labelling by the producers. The first step was a press release, which outlined shortly the norm and announced an information brochure for partners, retailer and end customers. Building on that, articles and interviews were pitched to the trade media over a long period of time.

The Result: The media coverage of the release was extraordinarily good. Additionally there were a range of interviews and articles published. Until march 2004 the feedback of the market was tremendous, there were over 15,000 requests for the brochure. Dr. Haffa & Partner herewith draws a triple benefit for Eaton Power Quality: 1. Direct support by generating the lead. 2. Strengthening of the media coverage of Eaton in times, when few products are announced. 3. Establishment of Eaton as source of information and competent reference for journalists, that is also approached actively due to consequent agenda-setting.